How to increase Contacts call by call

Many of our clients use to search and recognize Contacts from their phone desktop device, not from PC… We use to upload the Contact repertory from FreePBX to the devices every night, So any contact added during the day via FreePBX would be added to the Contact of the devices (yealink).

What i’m looking for is a way, when i receive a call from an unidentified caller, to pop up a form containing the caller ID, to complete it, and record it into the FreePBX Contacts.

If you have an idea of any mehod or add-on , could be fine.


That sounds like a lot of interruptions for someone. If you did that to me, I’d bop you on the head with a tuna. :wink:

The Asterisk CRM module might be close to what you’re looking for, but I’m still not sure how the workflow you plan will end up being what you’re looking for.

Please, be kind with tunas  !

Maybe my English is worse what I meant .

No, my clients don’t have a strong call flow.
Pop-ups It won’t “ interrupt” them, overall if the pop-up opens on demand and remains on the PC once the call is finished.
The fact is that a database like a directory is interesting if completed day by day, when the call is fresh and you remember who was this damned caller !
I asked Isymphony about that, but the contacts of Isymphonye are, nowadays, just completed

It sounds more and more like you are trying to implement a simple Contact Resource Management system (a baby Customer Resource Management system).

The workflow I was looking for was something like this:

  • Customer calls in.
  • Pop-up with customer information shows up on the screen as the phone rings.
  • Office worker answers call, fills in missing information and saves the note.
  • Worker hangs up and pop-up hangs around so they can finish their notes.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you want to implement a CRM system. The simpler the better, and only use what you need. So, in this case above, we aren’t using all of the bells and whistles on a typical CRM system, but populating a contact database.

Once again, the Asterisk CRM interface, when connected to a supported CRM system, should do what you’re looking for. Zulu might also handle what you need, but I don’t know if it will handle “new” customers.


Thanks for your reply.

I agree with you, a soft like Isymphony should do that. But the most important point of what i’m looking for is that the CRM data base must increase the FreePBX directory., because this directory is the easiest and natural way to add directories to devices . Most of user in the companys in France still use directories from the phone , not from the PC.

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That is a specific, and challenging, problem.

There are two kinds of phone directories.

  1. XML-Based Server Directories - these are common in higher-end (and very low-end) phones like the Cisco 7900 series. You write an application on the server that interacts with the phone’s connection to the system and build the directory “more or less” on the fly and report it back to the phone.

  2. Phone managed contact lists - these are harder to manage from the server, since the update mechanism is usually proprietary and may require a phone restart or data reload to get them working.

The type of phone will determine the type of update you’ll need to do, and that usually falls outside the scope of what FreePBX supplies.

What kind(s) of phones do you have? Perhaps someone with more experience in your phone can provide some insight. My experience is largely with Cisco phones running in SCCP mode and POTS phones through DAHDI.

We work with Yealink Phones. But our problem is not with the Yealink Directory nor his format.

What we do is that every night, we make a new provisionning of the phones, so that each phone fills his directory with FreePBX one.

So what we need is a way to easily and dinamically fill the FreePBX directory, without having to open many windows. e.g. a popup when the phone takes the call of an unidentified caller .