How-To: Incoming calls (ring 2x times) before going to IVR


Can you help with a suggestion / tip on how to accomplish this goal?

All Incoming (calls) (PRI) arrive 1st to IVR ….

We would like to have some “simulated” ringing (1 or 2 rings) (not to actual registered extensions) … but before calls are sent to the IVR, so that outside callers hear some ringing before the IVR plays.

I’ve tried putting a fake-extension (not registered) as the 1st stop, and then using:
advanced : optional destinations: No answer: to send the calls to the IVR

For the fake-extension: I set the permit peer IP (advanced) to something specific which is not in use by the LAN … (I think I’m missing one step) … I remember having to do this (years back).

Incoming calls do not ring: but do go to the IVR (with no ringing)

Thanks for any tips.

Download a few seconds of your preferred ‘ring-tone’ and upload it to your box as a ‘system recording’ use that as a source of an ‘announcement’ going to your IVR and send the calls to that.

(There is no file on the box that is ‘ringback’ because it is synthesized by asterisk )

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Alternative is to set the “pause before answer” in seconds on the inbound route before the IVR.


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