How to implement FreePbx with asterisk

Hello sir, How to implement FreePbx with asterisk on Centos 6.X. I've need to complete step to deploy on local server. Thanks & Regards, Reetaes

Download the FreePBX ISO from this site and install.

Need Complete Step Install FreePbx on centos.
am olready implement a2billing on local-server.
now, am want to implement FreePbx on same Local-server.
please guide me complete step.

Hello sir,

I’ve need your suggestions which FreePbx versions best with Asterisk 1.4 on centos 6.x.

Here document for centos 5.1. am want to centos 6.X

Asterisk 1.4 is several releases behind and is certainly EOL which means you won’t get any security fixes. I think the advice above to start from scratch and use distro is not a bad one.

Thanks dziny sir,
Hello sir,

I have need to complete step to implement Freepbx on a2billing.
our OS are Running Centos 6.X version.

so please share complete step to deploy FreePbx on Centos 6.

reetaes - A fool proof guide does not exist for this scenario. If you choose to install FreePBX (your choice it’s free and open) on a system that few people run you have to be prepared to do some integration work. Nobody is going to guide you step by step.

In the wiki you will find various install guides for FreePBX. You are going to have to apply these as general guidelines to your situation.

As far as integrating FreePBX to a2billing, again that is custom work. You are on your own.

Users here will try and answer questions that are very specific.

You have to have a working knowledge of CentOS, Asterisk and FreePBX to accomplish what you are trying to do. Someone to help you with the English would also go a long way.

If you don’t have the skills or are not willing to acquire them you need to hire a someone to do the work.