How to implement “call-through” with TrixBox

How to implement a “call-through” function with TrixBox? That is how to add one more destination choice (named “call-through”) in “Set Destination” selection of Incoming Route?
If such a destination is selected for Incoming Route, then incoming calls via this route are directed to Outbound Route(s) bypassing the PBX (as well as the digital assistant). In other words, if someone calls the PBX and his/her call gets routed via this for Incoming Route, then he/she gets a dial tone of the outbound route(s).


it is called DISA in freepbx works well

[quote=“bubba”]it is called DISA in freepbx works well[/quote] Thanks for repy!

Is it possible to configure DISA to directly (instantly) connect a caller to the outbound trunk and instantly get an outbound dial tone without having the caller dial any extension, without listening any voice prompt?

Yes that is what DISA does. Usually with a password/pin for security ideally.

I’d suggest you give it a try first in various configurations, I think much of what you’re asking will be answered.