How to I sip show peers -arp

I would like to display the sip show peers and add the mac address too.

I saw and old thread about it but I need some help.

arp works on layer 2, SIP works on layer 3, if your extensions are “local” then you can query them with arp, you can’t do that for external extensions, if you provision your external phones then there will be a one to one relation of extension to mac address in your provisioning server’s files by name, otherwise Asterisk/SIP really doesn’t care about the MAC address of most anything…

Thanks for the reply.

So the only thing FBX is using the MAC for is to build the config files and the phone only uses it to download the config?

Correct, every device should have a unique mac address, (but you can fudge that), it is just the way the phone identifies itself to a provisioning service (which it can’t fudge)

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