How to have voice mail from mulitple extensions go to one extension's VM for retrieval

Whatever i am doing is not working. Anyone have this working?

So if I have Ext 101, 102, 103, 104, and want all VM to go to Ext 101 VM, and all be accessible from Ext 101, how do I set that up?

Thanks in advance.

Each extension has a field for “Voicemail Extension” in your use case they would all be 101, only 101 voicemail vm lamp will light.

So would I leave Voicemail Enabled or Disabled for Ext 102, 103, 104…?

I would leave Mailbox at default, ie, [email protected], and ONLY change the Voicemail Extension to 101.

Did I get correct?

No you didn’t, the “voicemail extension”, is the voicemail box that an unanswered call to that extension that has voicemail enabled is sent to.

OK, I am going to try that, I assume since its Ext 101 VM, they will use the 101 vm password. I’ll try it tomorrow, thanks.

Works perfectly, thanks.

This topic is a few days old now, so you might be happy with how you have it, but just in case you’re interested, here’s the way that I set it up at our office. I have 5 phones at the front desk and wanted a shared voicemail box. I created a virtual extension that I called FrontDeskVM. It is not linked to a user, but it does have voicemail turned on. I turned off voicemail for each of the front desk extensions and instead changed the Optional Destination settings of those extensions in the Advanced tab so that No Answer, Busy, and Not Reachable are all sent to the VM of my virtual extension. I also used the Endpoint Manager to program one of the buttons on the front desk extensions as a BLF with the label of Voicemail and a value of *98855. The *98 is the feature code to dial voicemail and 855 is the virtual extension.

We have Sangoma S500 phones, so by doing this, the light on the button that I programmed in this way turns red on all 5 phones when there is voicemail in the shared mailbox. If there’s no voicemail, the light is green. Any employee can pick up one of these extensions and hit the voicemail button and it will call that voicemail box specifically. So the light at the top right corner of our phones that is specifically reserved for that extension’s voicemail never lights up, but my users all know to look at the light on the line keys and not the light in the corner. I’ve done this same process for another group in the office and used different templates in the Endpoint Manager and the Extension Mapping to specify which phones get which line buttons assigned.

If you want to do something similar and have any questions, let me know!

Hey thanks, let me play with this in a bit. I am already down another path, but if this path fails to please the users, then I’ll delve into this one. Thank you.

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