How to have multiple extension with the same inbound/outbound DID

I have a client that has multiple phones, with all the same incoming and outgoing DID but wants different extensions. How do I make all the phones ring when there is an incoming call on a certain number?

Usually you would use a ‘Call group’ as a DID destination

With pjsip, you can have multiple phones with the same extension number. On incoming, they all ring and the first to answer gets the call. This is simplest but least flexible.

A Ring Group is another possibility. It can be set up so external calls (or an internal caller dialing the ring group number) ring all the members, but extensions can still be called individually and the CDRs will show which extension made the call.

Follow Me is yet another option. For example, calls would ring the ‘main’ phone and other phones would start ringing after a delay.

so can i put the DID line on all the phones when the DID rings, it rings all the phones, and still have a extension? where is that setup? would this be a call group?

Important thought nugget: these are separate actions in the PBX.

A call comes in for a particular DID and the PBX grabs it. It looks to see what application is set up to process the call. That application could be Ring Group, Queue, Integrated Voice Response, etc. The application you choose will determine how the phones ring, if they do at all.

The other action is the phones. All phones have an extension number; how that number is set up and used varies within different parts of the service. For example, in PJ-SIP, you can set up all of the phones so they have the same extension number or you can configure each phone so that it has its own extension.

The thing that relates these two actions is the application. If, for example, you use the “Extension” application, the extension you choose will ring. If all the phones have the same extension, they will all ring. If they have different extensions, one will.

Within the Extension application, there is a function called “Find Me/Follow Me” (or FMFM). In FMFM, if the extension rings more than a specific number of times, a list of other extensions can be programmed to start ringing.

The next application is the Ring Group application. in this application, a call comes is and get turned into one or more calls to individual extensions. Each extension rings until one of them answers.

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