How to have agent login/logout revert to IVR menu when done?

When configuring queues, is there an easy way to have the agent login/logout revert to the IVR menu it was called from?

This is set up for a client with two queues - one for day and one for night. The agent login/logout can be accessed by calling a number on the system which goes to an IVR menu. The problem is that it’s necessary to call in for every change. If after entering the agent login, listening to the prompt, entering the forwarding number and then listening to the confirmation, it would drop back to the IVR, then another number could be entered or removed from any of the queues without having to call back in.

Thanks for your help.

unfortunately there is no easy way to do that.

You may try a “kludge” using DISA access and entering your codes in there, as DISA should be designed to allow you to make new calls once the current one has ended.

That might work, you would have to experiment with it though it is probably far from “friendly”.

Thanks Philippe, I’ll give that a try. Also was wondering why the feature codes queuenumber* and queuenumber** don’t’ appear in feature codes. I created a misc. application without a destination for each of these feature codes I needed and it did work. But now FreePBX complains about ‘bad destinations’

they are not really “proper feature codes”

if you want to have access to them, you would have to make a misc destination that dials those numbers.

OK. Yes I had done that already and it worked properly except for the complaints about destinations by FreePBX.