How to have a single recording session for IVR menu, queue time and extension


We’ve been using Trixbox for 3-4 years but we are now migrating our PBX system to the FreePBX distro (FreePBX-4.211.64-9).

This is our current call flow:

  1. Analogic lines connected to FXO X100P clone cards go off-hook
  2. Callers are greeted by an IVR
  3. After they dial any IVR option, they are redirected to an
    announcement saying something like “all calls are recorded”
  4. Then they are automatically routed to the corresponding
    queue for the dialed IVR option
  5. After some time waiting on queue, they are redirected to a SIP or *custom extension

(*) this custom extension is in fact a reroute to an external cell phone number

Everything works fine, BUT right now we have recordings starting only after the extension picks the call (step 5 in the flow above).

The objetive is to have a single recording, starting on the first off-hook (step 1) and ending only after the final extension hangs up, with everything the caller listens or speaks to our PBX: which IVR option was selected by the user (we intend to create other announcements specially for this case, something like “you’ve selected option 3!”) and also the announcement regarding recorded calls mentioned on step 3, so this could be used as proof that the caller agreed with the recording. Would that be possible? Where is it configured in FreePBX interface?

Also, would it be possible to have this same “end-to-end” and single recording when a call is redirected to a custom extension which is in fact an external cell phone?


On the Inbound route you have the option their to start the recording even before it the IVR answer the call. It will record the ringing, announcement, MOH, etc.