How to have a backup Inbound SIP, possible?

I know how to add multiple sips for inbound and outbound.

If 1 SIP holds our phone# and is provisioned on their end for that number.

If they go down how, if possible to have a secondary SIP provider so if somebody calls that same number we will still get calls.

Outbound is easy since we can call from any name so a backup sip is simple there.

You would have to get with your SIP provider to provide a call-forward for the number, to a second number on a second SIP.

It’s not something that you can do; it’s essentially a “CO” function.

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gbaughma is correct. Your DID number is pinned to your SIP provider.

A quality SIP provider has multiple POP’s (Points Of Presence) or Proxies. Depending on how your SIP provider implements failover technology they may handle this on their side or you may have to configure some secondary backup settings.

We use Flowroute and they handle it.

We do however have a second trunk configured on our FreePBX that uses our secondary internet connection to our PBX and office, just in case the primary internet goes offline.

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