How to hang up from SangomaPhone via USB handset

I just got a Jabra handset 450 to use with Sangoma Phone and it is perfect for our use case of a browser kiosk that makes calls when tel links are clicked, while hiding the SangomaPhone interface to prevent our less capable persons from accidentally closing or accidentally messing with Sangoma Phone.

Currently we use Zulu Softphone, which can re-direct phone calls to a device and that can hang up, but Sangoma Phone does not yet have this feature. They are used to being able to hang up while putting down the phone.

There is a glaring issues we need resolved:

  • There is no hang up button on the handset and when the handset is put back down on the charger, the call continues.

  • If you dial out and it goes to voicemail, there is no way to hang up.

Does anyone have any clever solutions?

I have the same issue with Yealink headseat …

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Well I’m going to continue to use Zulu softphone, until SangomaPhone has the Click to call target: Device feature.

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