How to handle time conditions and original caller id

I have tried everything I have found in the forum, to no avail.

So after hours, a call is routed to the owner cell phone.

So, a call comes into Line A, it initiates the Time Condition, it calls her on Line B (I guess it does not just forward the call from Line A), and of course, the call to her shows as coming from the office, so the caller id is that of Line B, not the original call that came in on Line A.

Thus, if she does not answer in time, she does not know who to call back.

I have set PAI, etc, but that is apparently only for transfers.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

What needs to happen, is if a call comes in after hours and the caller id was 703-555-1212 into the office, then however it calls the owner, it also needs to display 703-555-1212 as the caller id on her cell phone.

In the scenario you described, line B needs to be with a provider that allows sending an arbitrary caller ID. That won’t be possible with POTS. If you have a PRI, ask your carrier. Any “wholesale” VoIP provider will work, some that are friendly to low-volume end users include Voxbeam, AlcazarNetworks, Flowroute, Vitelity. The first three offer a few minutes free trial; you can test without making a payment or even providing any financial info. Retailers that will pass any caller ID include Anveo,, CallWithUS.

Or, if line A is with a provider that natively supports call transfer, it should be possible for Asterisk to direct them to send the call to the mobile, though I don’t know the details of how to set that up.

Or, if line A supports call forwarding, you could have Asterisk (or some other process) turn on forwarding at closing time and turn it off when the business reopens. A downside of this method is that the PBX would have no log of forwarded calls.

So I see what is happening, a call via flowroute comes into freepbx, then instead of transferring, freepbx makes another call on another line, Line B, which then passes the CID from Line B, not from the incoming call.

I have Time Condition working, but like I said, it uses the Line B CID. I am not sure flowroute would control that.

I was hoping there is something I can do in freepbx.


Just to let you know, Follow-Me passes the source CLID on my system, I am using PRI and my provider allows non-owned caller ID. Don’t know if this is applicable to your set up, but just wanted to pass align what works here. Good luck.

I did a test with VoIP and the caller ID does pass correctly. I created a Ring Group with one entry in the Extension List, consisting of the trunk access code for Voxbeam followed by my mobile number and #. CID Mode left at Default. Then, made a Time Group that’s (almost) always false and a Time Condition with “does not match” specifying the new Ring Group. Finally, pointed the Inbound Route for a DID to the new Time Condition. The Outbound Route has Route CID blank and the Trunk has CID Options set to Allow Any CID. I call the DID from another mobile and its number appears on mine.

Look at the log or with “sip set debug” to see whether the From: header in the INVITE for the outbound call leg has the proper (original) caller ID. If it does, the trouble must be with your setup at Flowroute (sorry, I’m not a customer and don’t know the details).

@Bill, I love your call sign, which I assume is chosen for your initials, but it’s great to be able to say that your ham and VoIP activities have high WAF.

I coined the phrase “Spousal Technology Acceptance Factor” a while ago. It really took on new meaning when we jumped into MS Media Center CableCard tuners and media extenders and ditched the cable boxes. My wife is a saint. Control4 he we come.

Before I read this, per Bill, I made a follow-me on an extension that does not get used, and thought I would see if that passes the original CID I need. I will also try the ring group example regardless. Thanks.

And for me, all of this is purely an exercise in GAF…


I have a Control 4 system. I worked for a C4 dealer for 4 years. I like the system. I just setup an XBMC box and it has integration with FreePBX/Asterisk.

I have another issue I am working having to do with follow-me, for the receptionist, and two other extensions. If I cannot figure it out, I’ll be back. You guys did a great job, I really appreciate the help!

Bill, I like XBMC but without cable card support I can’t get the content into the system.