How to get to FreePBX 14 from current system?

I’m trying to figure out an upgrade path from our current setup.

I have tested our code up to Ast 11 + FreePBX 12 on CentOS 7.

Currently we are on CentOS 6. I’m wondering how to get to FreePBX 14 since its CentOS 7 Only (Correct?)

I want to end up on the Distro, but I’m currently using PIAF because FreePBX doesn’t keep there mirrors up for long enough (couldn’t get access to old FreePBX tar files, had to use PIAF).

This is what I’m thinking I would have to do.

CentOS 6 + FreePBX 12 + Ast 11   (PIAF) 
CentOS 7 + FreePBX 12 + Ast 11   (Hand compiled)
CentOS 7 + FreePBX 14 + Ast 11   (Upgrade via Module Admin hopefully)
SNG7     + FreePBX 14 + Ast 11   (Pull over tarball to Official Distro w/ same version of Ast + PBX).

Does this sound about right? >> Will the module GUI allow me to upgrade from FreePBX 13 to 14 on CentOS 6 and/or CentOS 7, or would I have to manually download it?

Just looking to get the basic upgrade path figured out so I can get on CentOS 7 + FreePBX Distro. CentOS 6 is way behind the times… (legacy grub for one!)

There hasn’t been complete outage on the mirror servers for a couple of years now. We had some BGP issues in July that caused one of the servers to be unavailable for about 15 minutes, but all the rest were fine. The last complete outage (I just went and had a look through my alerts) was a bit over an hour in 2014. You must have been really unlucky back then!

Nope. It just requires a modern PHP. This means, basically, anything APART from RHEL 6 and RHEL 7 based OS’s - FreePBX Distro 7 uses PHP 5.6. Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Fedora… Any of those will work. (Although I believe there are some lingering issues with Ubuntu 16 and unixodbc)

To answer your other question, what is your upgrade path, the answer is ‘You can’t get there [easily] from here’.

Your easiest path is to install a new FreePBX Distro machine, and then use the FreePBX Conversion Tool to import your old machine to your new one.

Then all you need to do is just relax and wait until we’ve got the upgrade sorted, and you’ll be able to upgrade your machine in place.

If you’re REALLY enthusiastic, you should be able to use the conversion tool to go straight to Sng7 and FreePBX 14, but note that it’s still in testing and things may break.

Re: Mirrors, Its not that they are down, its that URL’s don’t work for old FreePBX tars, can’t find it anywere on the net.


Re: Upgrade Path… this is really disconcerning as I don’t want to learn compiling and testing on another entire OS. I have stricktly stayed on CentOS/FreePBX Distro.

My options are really only trying to get to FreePBX 14 from FreePBX 12 (On CentOS 6 or 7).

That FreePBX Conversion tool looks promising! One thing about PIAF >> FreePBX migrations is that I get constant errors regarding modified files that PIAF Tar balls carried over to FreePBX… so that could clean that up.

If I understand you correctly, the benifit to migrating from CentOS 6 >> FreePBX 10, would be that at some point, you will make upgrade scripts to get to SNG7 or just to get to FreePBX 14?

As far as I know, there is no “apt-get dist-upgrade” for RHEL based systems, when you say “upgrade script”, do you mean to be able to get to FreePBX 14 on FreePBX Distro 10, but to get to SNG7 would still require a full rebuild, or do you guys do some sort of wizardry that gets me from Distro 10 (Based of CentOS 6/SL 6) to SNG7 w/o rebuilding server.

I just did a quick google, but it looks like PHP 5.7 is now supported on RHEL 7.

So I could perhaps just upgrade PHP on my CentOS 7 FreePBX 13 system? Or would it break the 13 before I could get to 14 kinda thing. Not sure if I could/would upgrade FreePBX then PHP or vis versa.

Sorry if thats going off on too many tangents :P, let me know your thoughts.

Yeah, I’m guessing that has been removed because it’s ancient. You’d have to manually pull that out of git if you really wanted to run something that old.

The three files you do want are ‘freepbx-12.0-latest.tgz’, ‘freepbx-13.0-latest.tgz’ and ‘freepbx-14.0-latest.tgz’.

Yes. There will be an upgrade path from 64 bit Distro 6, to FreePBX Distro 7, similar to ‘apt-get dist-upgrade’.

You can’t really pick and choose about what you do here, sadly. We rely on a lot of things that we’ve put into Distro that aren’t immediately obvious (eg, directory ownership, specific firewall rules, a bunch of stuff) at a quick glance, and may bite you down the road.

I’d suggest just installing Distro (either 6 or 7) and run with that, rather than trying to cherry pick bits and pieces.

Well this line :

“Yes. There will be an upgrade path from 64 bit Distro 6, to FreePBX Distro 7, similar to ‘apt-get dist-upgrade’.”

Makes the other question mute as this seems the logical choice.

I will give the Conversion Tool a try, but I may just manually migrate over to FreePBX Distro if it doesn’t work, but I think that’s the best choice, then wait till FreePBX Distro 7 is GA w/ Upgrade Scripts.

Re: Mirrors, I understand it’s ancient, but it wouldn’t be hard to keep a repo of old tgz files for people who randomly need it, you realize how many computers are running windows XP still. I just happened to get my first FreePBX system last year was 2.9 and I couldn’t find files to rebuild the system in a dev environment. Made life a lot harder, but PIAF Purple script saved my ***. Interestingly, it seems that even the PIAF purple script for CentOS 6 no longer works, as doesn’t seem to resolve to anything anymore, but I had a backup of when I set it up last summer.

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Clearly, this is speculative, but what would you guess for Upgrade Script (From Distro 6 to 7) to be made GA? 2 Months more or less? 6 months more or less?