How to get Inbound Routes to honor queue Wrap-Up-Time

I realize there is a considerable amount of strife over the wrap-up-time setting in asterisk. Especially if agents belong to multiple queues. I located the solution to that problem as described below. So that problem was solved.

So I added in the fix for that into queues_custom_general.conf

#This line enables honoring of queue wrap-up-times
#for user’s that belong to multiple queues

However, the customer now wants the wrap-up-time to be honored for all incoming calls, including those directly dialed from the IVR, or from DIDs.

I’ve not found anyway to do this! Would I have to write some sort of custom macro to handle this in the dialplan? I’m at a loss.

So I’m posting in here in the hopes that someone on this forum has faced the same issue and, possibly has a solution for this?