How to get FTP access to sound files

I’m moving a Trixbox system over to FreePBX. For the most part I have re-keyed all my settings rather than try to port them over in an effort to avoid anything breaking due to the different systems.

I have it pretty much put together now and I’d like to transfer several sound files, including my users voice mail greetings etc.

I can FTP into my old trixbox with no problem however I can’t seem to get into the FreeBPX system. It comes back with access denied messages when I try to connect to port 22 via FTP. I’ve tried using root level passwords as well as admin user name and passwords. Nothing. It’s FreePBX

How do I get FTP access to the machine?

You can ftp from the FreePBX box to the Trixbox system and get the files.

Jerry - I would use SCP WinSCP

Hi Scott, I guess I’m looking for something more basic than that. I can’t connect to the FreePBX box at all with WinSCP. I must have the login information incorrect OR there’s not ftp server running on the box to connect to? I used the EasyInstall Distro from the FreePBX site.

Well I’m not sure what happened but I just tried it again and I connected just fine. The only thing I did differently, and this may be why it worked, is that I defined the directory that I wanted to connect to instead of just accepting the default. I set WinSCP to connect to directory /var/lib/asterisk and tried to log in again and it connected instantly.


WinSCP uses SCP, which is part of SSH if I’m not mistaken.

That is correct and it has a nice old school Norton Commander type interface.

The only downside is editing files. It seems to do a fine job of hosing CSV’s and XML files. I never use the edit function. I have not delved into it but if you could plug in notepad ++ or something that might work.

Options > Preferences > Editors.


. Notepad++

Move to top.

Life == easy.

I knew there had to be a way to do it. Thanks for the instructions.