How to get FreePBX to disconnect all extensions after paging

Hi, have small technical query. Please forgive me if I appear ignorant but am a relative newbie to this app…

I have v14.0.8 of Paging and Intercom installed and have set it up to work on all extensions. It’s brilliant as it allows me to locate anyone on site. But - and this is the issue - after calling 3000 and having every extension auto-answer, they remain open until each one has the call terminated. If an extension has picked up their receiver then put it down or if the call has been manually disconnected then that’s fine. But all other extensions remain in answered-line mode.

Is there a way to auto-disconnect every extension after say 60 seconds?

This should not be happening (not normal behavior). What make/model of handsets do you have?

There was a lot of discussiobn on a similar topic a few months ago. I don’t recall what the actual cause was, but it seems to me the problem ended up having to do with Broadcast Traffic not terminating the calls correctly…

There is a way to hang-up (terminate) a call from the Asterisk CLI (at least, in newer versions of Asterisk) so you could look into that.

I have been experiencing this issue also. However, in my case it doesn’t occur every time someone pages, rather only occasionally. So far, I haven’t identified a common condition as to when it happens, or found any errors causing the channels to remain connected.

Out of curiosity, are you using RTP Multicast? Or do you have devices selected in the Device List? If you have devices selected, how many devices are in the page group?

I will keep an eye on this thread to see what develops…

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