How to get DND to show up on Polycom phones

I have Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX 2.10 along with Polycom IP 430 and IP 650 phones.

I have been able to get the phones configured so the hardware DND button dials *76 to turn on/off DND with Asterisk. However, the phones do not show the DND status. They will display a light and icon when someone is on a call or the phone is not connected, however if I set the Presence setting on my phone it will not display on the other phones.

I would like to have the DND status appear on the phones buddy status or indicator light. I’ve done some forum posts at Polycom, but the moderator there speaks fluent Bureaucrat and could only recommend searching endlessly through their FAQ.

My company is not above paying for someone who can do it. Has anyone tried to do this?

The phones will show DND status if you subscribe a BLF/Buddy Watch to the hint (list with ‘core show hints’)

I don’t know how to do that. Can you provide some instructions?

No but you can do the same thing I would do, look it up in the wiki. If nothing in the wiki search for another forum thread.

The system assigns hints to all sorts of call flow events. You can find the list of hints in Asterisk with the command I gave you.

As far as programming the Polycom, it’s the same as any other BLF key. I don’t know if you are manually creating the XML config for the Polycom or letting the EPM do it.