How to get DID's with local area/office codes?

I have some sipstation trunks and now I want some more DID’s but they don’t offer them with my local area/office codes. I asked sipstation and they told me they couldn’t do it. What can I do to get the DID’s I need? I don’t mind going with a different sip provider but how do you find one that offers the proper codes?

Call around and ask. I use BroadVoice SIP trunks, and they are cheap, min of 5 lines, quality has been excellent. One of my clients has 5 lines and 5 DIDs for $55/month. Customer service also excellent, quick response time but they didnt help with the Initial FreePBX settings but I figured it out based on online guides.

If they can do what you want, i can help you with the freepbx settings for the trunk