How to get call duration of conference call

Hello, how can I get the call duration of the conference call as a whole, and not the individual calls that come in to the conference room, and save it to the MySQL asterisk db.

Conferences don’t necessarily have a “Start” time so I don’t think you can get what you’re looking for. Conference bridges just have a passcode and you can dial in whenever. I supposed you could get the start time from the first caller, then the end time from the last person to hang up and use that to calculate total duration.

You could write a custom query against the logs to extract, calculate and store the times.

I would identify an initial call that spawned a conference and then explore the asteriskcdrdb cel table’s ‘linkedid’ to glean all later associated legs,

Another idea could be to code your own conference room(s). Then you could put the timing triggers in the dialplan.

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