How to get a queue call to skip to one dynamic agent voicemail

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Is it possible to direct a call from Queue to one of the dynamic agent’s voicemail if the agent enters the Queue?

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Would like to go from queue to an extension Voicemail when certain agent logged in, can’t manage to get the extension to pick up the voicemail when coming from queue any ideas ?


would that be the voicemail of the agent who just logged in , or some other arbitrary voicemail?

Kinda breaks the concept of a queue though, no?

there are otherways to exit a queue early.

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Yes that will be the voicemail of an agent who just logged in.


so why would it go to her voicemail? would not a overreaching redirection of the DID achieve the same result (effectively disable the queue) but in a cleaner fashion with a callflow feature code?

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This is a rotation Queue 4 dynamic agents. Agents log in when its their On-Call day but one of them can’t take the calls he prefer to get a voicemail and then call back.


then I would suggest a ‘call as dialed’ agent strategy, (s)he can go DND if so desired.

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I tried that but it doesn’t go to VM , the phone doesn’t ring but it doesn’t go to VM the call stays on the queue all the time


sorry, not my experience.

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No problem Pal , thanks !!!


perhaps an agent *EXTEN# ? but i cant see how to easily make that dynamic in the gooey.

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