How to fully disable/uninstall EPM and repair DPMA?

I have (as per previous thread of yesterday!) decided the best course of action is to disable EPM and go back to DPMA.

I’ve UNINSTALLED End Point Manager using Module Admin and then reinstalled “Digium Phones Config”.

At first despite reloading Asterisk the Digium phones themselves weren’t finding an mDNS broadcast from the FreePBX server, but a full hardware reset of the server sorted that.

However, even though the phone found the mDNS server and I was able to choose an extension, calls between the phone and a softphone fail, and the phone DOESN’T show up in “Connectivity>Digium Phones”.

Is there something else I need to reboot or repair to get things working again?


EDIT: I think partly my current woes may be coming from a protocol and/or port mismatch? Looking at my logs, it looks like my Digium phone is trying to connect as a PJSIP phone, instead of a SIP phone. Any ideas why this might be happening?! (Thank you!) Obviously because it’s auto configuring itself from the Digium Phone module, and the bind ports are set in FreePBX as below, I don’t know why it would be doing that?


EDIT 2: After swapping the PJSIP and SIP ports back to the former standard, the Digium D50 is now showing in ‘Digium Phones’…! I’m not now on site to test, but I have a FEELING (a HOPE!!) that might have fixed it.

EDIT 3: Swapping the PJSIP and SIP ports around fixed the issue.

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