How to forward to mobile

Hi @all

I am using FreePBX And I want to create the following configuration:

The caller comes in and should be greeted by a Announcement, which will explain the following IVR.

1 - for home phone
2 - for my phone at work
3 - for my wives mobile
4 - for my mobile
5 - for Voicemail

if no selection - home phone

This is woking for number 1 and 5 but how can I tell freepbx to establish an outgoing call to my mobile or to my businessnumber?

I have created an virtuall extension for each destination and what to do now?

Thanks a lot for your hints.


Misc destinations did it for me. I don´t why, but with ringgroups it doesn´t work.

Thanks a lot for your help. Now I can give out the new telefphone number to all my friedns ;O))

Another way would be to create a ring group for each number. Put only the external number in the destination. Don’t forget to append a “#” to the end of each number.

For 2, 3, and 4 put the numbers in Misc. Destinations, then you can select them from your IVR menu.