How to forward specific numbers to specific extentions?

hi ,

i want to ask ,

i have dahdi lines and need to forward specific numbers to specific extention ,

i want all the numbers which the caller id begin with 254 to be forwarded to extension 100 .

and the other callers to be forwarded as natural ,

note that i have an ivr and queues and time conditions and lot of thing …

my goal is , if the caller id start with 254xxxx , i want to bypass everything and just forward the call to the extention 100

could it be done ?


Just use wildcard pattern matching in the inbound route.


If you’re talking about CID (callerID) not DID, then set the specific caller ID and check the “CID priority route” in your inbound route. But not sure about wildcards there tho…

Also, probably you need to set this inbound route above the rest incase there are others that could “be triggered” before this…

hi , but i cant see wildcard pattern !!!

plz help

Hi your information does not help us help you. Where do you not see the wildcard? Is the above (As i’ve described or as Bill has) is what you want. Is the inbound route the place you wish to meddle with?

Hmm, looking at the dialplan, in an example like below, i think we can do wildcards, in this example, the DID is 20355800 and the CID is 0123771020

exten => 20355800/0123771020,1,

Believe we can use wildcards and something like

exten => 20355800/_012XXXXXX,1,

SO you probably can use wildcards, just add a _ before setting up a wildcard

hi, im not an expert in dial plan programming ,

could u tell me what excatly do ,
i mentioned that i want 254xxxx to be directed directly to 100 extention
assume my did yyyyyy
i have 7 dahdi lines which every one has did for it ,

i think the code will be as
exten => yyyyyyyy/_254XXXXXX,100,

what file i need to paste this code in it ??
should i repeat this line for all of my dahdi analog pstn lines ??

with my best regards .

Don’t have modify any codes directly, just put that in _254XXXXXX inside the inbound route’s CallerID Number part and be sure to check the CID priority if it should be routing CID as the preferred routing mechanism instead of a combination of DID and CID (default)

hi ,

i think if i just put the _254XXXXXX inside the inbound route will make a problem ,
because , i have 7 dahdi lines from pstn , and those 7 lines are hunted by telco company ,

my request is to forward any caller start with 254 from all of my 7 lines to extention 100 ,

i think if i just put _254XXXXXX , i will deny the others ,

is my problem clear ???

I’m not being a smart ### here, but I don’t think you have a real good understanding of how inbound routes work.

My understanding is that you have 7 POTS lines arranged by TELCO into a circular hunt. You want any CLID beginning with 254, which I assume is either an NPA or NXX for a specific area, to go to extension 100.

You should have this arranged so that all 7 of those POTS lines are in a trunk group on your switch. Using the 254 wildcard pointing to ext. 100 will work. It should be the first inbound route. If 254 doesn’t match the incoming CLID, then the number will fall through to the existing inbound routes and be handled as they are now.

This is a very basic configuration…you have described it correctly…and the big IF there is nothing weird going on with your trunks.


im really apreciate ur help although im dont have a clear view of how inbound routes work ,
i said i have an ivr , naturally , that my 7 lines are routed to ivr ,
my request is to route any caller id start with 254 without affecting the ivr and the other configs,

i read ur post but could understand exactly what u said

i made a screen shots of my system , and wish u guide me wt to do

ive hided my did for privacy

regards for all ;

You just need to create a new inbound route with the CID wildcard in the CID field. You can probably leave the DID blank. Point this to EXT 100, then make sure it is the first inbound route. That’s all there is to it.


i could understand now , but how to let it the 1st route ???


hi ,
i would like to thank u soo much ,
i really appreciate ur help,

i could do it :slight_smile:

i found that i have to name with something like 111 to be the 1st one ,

another thing i discovered ,

i have to check use cid route priority , becuase if i didnt check it , it didnt work ,

should i check cid route priority ???

ive conclosed a screen shot

You should probably stop asking and start reading the help icons in the inbound route or the suggestions made here

Agree, you don’t have to name it 111, you can drag and drop the routes in the order you want.

Actually, now that I think about it, on inbound routes, the order doesn’t matter…and there is no way to sort it except by renaming it. I was thinking about outbound routes.


hi all,
thanks for helping me ,
i could do wt i want ,

thanks to freepbx fourms .