How to forward call to gsm number?

I have successfully installed asterisk freepbx.


  1. inbound_from_telco–>IVR–>GSM Number

how to forward inbound call from IVR to GSM number ?

You can create a virtual extension and use Find me Follow me forwarding the call to your GSM number.
Set Initial Ring time to 0 and replace the virtual extension number with your GSM number in Follow-Me List.
So, in your IVR entry, you can set your virutal extension as destination.

hi, thanks for your response

I have set it according to your instructions.
but the response i got :

[dongle0] Request to call on device which can not make call at this moment
app_dial.c: Unable to create channel of type 'dongle' (cause 44 - Requested channel not available)
all circuit is busy

what do I have to do ?
I use a dongle with a GSM number to receive inbound calls,
and I want to forward it to another GSM number

Your GSM number must be like this:
0602020202# and not 0602020202
Just add # at the end of your GSM number.

I tested on my personal system, that works correctly. When I’m calling 112, my GSM is ringing.

Are you trying to use the same dongle for both the incoming and outgoing legs? That’s not supported.

You could use a SIP trunk, a second dongle, a GSM gateway with multiple SIMs, etc. for the second call.

hi, thanks for your response.

right, I use the same dongle for inbound and outgoing calls.

and now I have two dongles.
both are already connected to the asterisk.

now, how to set up the outgoing call/forward call to use the second dongle ?

Thanks @fdanard and @Stewart1

finally problem solved.


  1. Use two different dongles for inbound and forward calls

  2. For inbound calls, use dongle1 and dongle0 to forward calls

  3. Forward calls by default use dongle0, so just change inbound call to dongle1 and dongle0 is automatically used to forward calls.

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