How to Forward a Remote Extension

I have 2 physical locations connected to a FreePBX server (asterisk 1.8). These are doctors offices.

When there is a snow storm they typically close one location and want to send all calls from that location to the other, without having to physically do so from the phone at the closed location.

So, how can I forward an extension on a remote desk to my current location? Can this be done at any phone, via the portal or admin interface? IVR?


It can be done with a feature toggle. Feature admin module or from the user panel.

The feature toggles I see all relate to the phone you are dialing from - which feature is it?

Use the appropriate database command from the asterisk CLI, or set up follow-me on each side and activate/deactivate it from the user control panel.

The database put command would look something like this:
database put CF ext target or
database put CF 2995 5211