How to fix error message related to tempered files

Hello All,

After the upgrade from version 11 to 12 I have warning messages related to tempered files such as this exampe “Module: CID Superfecta, File: assets/images/bottom.gif missing”.
I have search on the internet for a possible solution to fix this error and I found a post saying the issue is fixed meanwhile but no solution was provided. Do I have to wait for o module update or can I ignore this issue.

Thanks in advance

If you don’t use superfecta just run:

amportal a ma delete superfecta

Hello Andrew,

Thanks a lot for the quick feedback. I’ve followed your suggestion and it solves my problem.
Some of this issues happen because I’ve just install all modules even if I don´t need them. This was my first installation of FreePBX and I don´t have much experience in this platform. Fortunately the support is very good and the platform works great and is easy to use.

Once again thanks a lot for the help.

Best regards


Thanks. The superfecta “issue” is actually a bug I haven’t gotten around to fixing because it’s not high priority and doesnt break anything and can actually be fixed by reinstalling a few times. I’ll get to it sometime…

Thanks again for the help. I’ve reinstall the modules as you suggest and now is working correctly.