How to find the channel number for zap barge (888)

in my system, i would like to zapbarge on an active call. dialling 888 asks me for a channel number. this is a call on SIP extensions and SIP trunk. how do i find out the channel number?

i tried ship show channels, and some other show channel commands. but no luck in finding a number.

i do not have any zaptel cards.


i have exact the same question. When i try the extension number, the call ends.

I have found that configuring the FOP interface for drag and drop channel spy is the easiest way to show users how to monitor extensions:

This is only thing I had to add to extensions_custom.conf

[spytest] exten => _XXX,1,Answer() exten => _XXX,2,ChanSpy(sip/${EXTEN},b) exten => _XXX,3,Hangup()

You then add the spyext code to op_panel (you can add to op_buttons_custom.conf just don’t duplicate positions that are auto configured from freePBX)

[SIP/100] Position=1 [email protected]

For more tips and tricks take a look at

Most folks have no idea all the functions you can add to FOP

Thx for the tips but i don’t get it…
I added the code to extensions_custom.conf and to op_buttons_custom.conf, and now I see the extension 100 in FOP. But what do i have to with it to see the channel numbers??

Did you even look at the asternic site or use google to search the site for the word chanspy?

If you did, the first result returned is a link to the page with the directions.

Upgrading from version .27 to .28:

    New parameters in op_buttons.cfg

        [email protected]
            It lets you specify an [email protected] to triger a chanspy
            action for that call when....

While we do want to help and do it is foolish on our part to cut and paste perfectly good information found on one site into this site because people don’t want to take the time to follow the links we provide. Also if the author changes it then we’d end up having the wrong information on this site.

I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

My intention was to show you what can be done with FOP and an example of the code as the docs can be a little bit intimidating. You have to decide how to use it in your deployment.

If you spent a little time studying as was suggested you would see that you don’t need to know the channel number you can simply drag from the extension you want to use to listen on to the extension you want to monitor.

It is very easy to train the users.

Can someone explain how to use the 888 (Barge) Feature?