How to find a local, qualified consultant to install upgrades, fix features that are not working and ensure backups are working?

This may seem like a rudimentary question, but I have tried to no avail to find support out there.

BACKGROUND: I own a small business , 5 employees. About 2.5 yrs ago we hired a company that installed a system using polycom phones, freepbx ( and asterisk. Everything was working great for about 1 year then fluky things started happening such as our voicemal to email suddenly stopped working. The company folded and the techs that did the install are nowhere to be found. I’ve contacted several “experts” in the chicagoland area. Some were not even interested in coming out because they only sell and service their own boxes and installations and the 2 that did come out wanted me to start from scratch buying one of their systems and all new phones and a new phone service. SO FRUSTRATING!

HELP: I’m not techy at all so I don’t think I can benefit from the phone support that is offered on this site…it seems to be tailored to folks who work in this industry and do-it-yourselfers who have set up their own systems and have some basic knowledge of the architecture and lingo. How does an end-user go about finding support for an existing installation? I’ve searched on things like “pbx asterisk consultant”, “engineer”, “programmer” and they all lead to the same place which are companies who want to sell a whole new system and service…not someone who is interested and/or qualified to troubleshoot an existing setup. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I’d at least talk to the support that is offered here. They can do amazing things by remotely logging into your system.