How to fetch agent login and logout time?

How to fetch agent login and logout time also how many calls received by agent and how many calls not received by agents during IVR break ?
Can somebody have solution ?

@vespino and I were just talking about some of this a few minutes ago.

There’s a commercial queues package available from Sangoma. Perhaps a quick call to Sangoma Sales would be in order?

Check this out: Dashboard (wallboard)

Thanks @cynjut how much will it cost ?
Do you have any link for it ?
And will it fulfill my requirements ?

Dear @vespino Thanks for your reply but it do not fulfill my requirements. It don’t have agent login and logoff time. how many calls were accepted by agents and how many calls were not received during break ivr.

For you to call Sangoma? I have no idea. Probably not very much.

Yeah - click the “FreePBX” tab at the top of the screen.

I have no idea - I don’t work for Sangoma and don’t use advanced queue management. Like I said, call Sangoma and talk to them.

Ok Thanks

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