How to execute call with tree partecipant

Good mornig,
i have a request with my freepbx 13, i would like to execute a call conference with three members contemporaneally on device sccp cisco ip phone,
-my device calls first phone and activates on hold status, then it calls second phone and unite me, and now first phone can be unite to call conference.
if possible?

There are a couple of ways to do that, including using Call Files. When using SCCP phones, you will want to use the “LOCAL/XXX” (where XXX is the extension number) to connect the phones to, for example, a Conference.

If you are using Chan-SCCP-B and the options I specified in the “Using Chan-SCCP-B with FreePBX” wiki on the GitHub site, you can just use the Conf button and make your three-participant calls from the phone.

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