How to enable video on confbridge using FreePBX?

I’m trying to get video up and running in confbridge but can’t figure out how to enable video. It seems that it is currently impossible to do this though the FreePBX UI. So how would I go about doing this through CLI? would I need to manually create a conference through extensions_custom.conf or can I just piggy back off one I created in the UI?

Also I’m a bit confused, I have manually removed meetme but I still see meetme referenced in extensions.conf is this normal or have I no actually removed meetme?

exten => 9005,n,Set(MEETME_ROOMNUM=9005)
exten => 9005,n,Set(MAX_PARTICIPANTS=0)
exten => 9005,n,Set(MEETME_MUSIC=${MOHCLASS})

Astreisk can “pass-through” some video formats, but can’t conference them, you will need something else to provide video conferencing.

We offer an MCU that will do the heavy lifting and conferencing for you. It integrates with FreePBX and your conference rooms.

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The MEETME_ variables are used with confbridge as well as meetme, it’s a freepbx thing, makes no difference which driver you are using at that level.

Thanks for the clarification Andrew.

So whats with the video options for confbridge (ie: video_mode=follow_talker)?

Yeah i already read that but the documentation isn’t very clear, I thought I needed an MCU only if I was going to have multiple clients with multiple codecs joining the same conference. In this case my hope was actually to have the same clients using the same codecs joining the same conference…

Is there a decent opensource (read free) MCU these days? I noticed some people talking about a lack of decent opensource MCU’s but that thread was in 12’.