How to enable the *CLI> Mode

Hi guys,I want to enable the asterisk cli mode(*cli> not the linuz cli which is #.


Hi guys

My trixbox server is up and everything is running perfect but the PIN sets module I just configured,defined some passwords to prompt users when calling outside trouth the ZAP trunks but calls just pass trough without promting for any password,my outboundroute is set to use the pin set that I created but nothing happen.

You guys have any solution?

rafaeil, do not hijack threads and change the subject. Please create your own thread.

I typically use a line like
asterisk -RvvvvvvvvvvT
to invoke the Asterisk CLI. The number of v’s indicates how “verbose” you want the output to be, and if I’m in the CLI there’s a good chance I’m watching call flow so I like to see a lot of detail. Some people say anything over four v’s is overkill but that’s up to you.

Once you start a remote asterisk session ‘asterisk -r connects to the localhost’ you can set the verbosity with the command line ‘core set verbose x’ and then a number between 1 and 100. The degree of verbosity is actually set modulo 8 so sums 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 and 128 set higher levels of dialplan output.

Debug is set the same way with ‘core set debug x’

Setting either to 0 shuts off the debug stream.

Debug show channel info and Asterisk internals.

For the record most channel drivers also have debug, chan_sip for instance has ‘sip set debug (ip or host) or just on’ for all SIP transactions.