How to enable prometheus module on FreePBX 16

Hi all.

Asterisk 18 finally include built in prometheus module!

So, if you upgrade your FreePBX to asterisk 18 by asterisk-version-switch command you can enable it by following this steps.

Example basic config:

  1. Add a config file at /etc/asterisk/prometheus.conf with the above config
  2. Set asterisk owner and permissions: fwconsole chown
  3. Restart asterisk by fwconsole restart or just load it manually with asterisk cli: module load
  4. Make sure the module is actually working by running: curl localhost:8088/metrics
  5. Enjoy the power of Prometheus!

With prometheus.conf populated as above, there should be no changes required to modules.conf for the module to load at start. Do you have autoload=yes?

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I will have to check again, I think it didn’t load after restart.
autoload=yes indeed.

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