How to enable directory users for URI calling (create numberless extensions)

I’m setting up a FreePBX system I want to use exclusively for calls/users that will use phone addresses not numbers.

I already set up Active Directory to get the userbase and now I need to grant them access, i.e; extensions with their sip: address but I’m not sure how; I went to Applications > Users and created a couple of test users — it insisted on a number so I added one — and it chose the password for me, despite the whole point of the directory is to centralize password management.

Once created, a user appears as appears as user-number not user-name. I figured I might as well start dealing with them since I’ll connect this to my PBX later. I continued to register an endpoint using the autogenerated password and the address in the format:

  • <directory_alias(sAMAccountNAme)>@<freepbx_fqdn>

It didn’t quite work.

I tried using the user’s directory password, still nothing. I added the alias in the authentication field (which I had not filled until now), nothing. I tried the extension number in auth ID, nothing.

Then I tried registering using <ext#>@<freepbx_fqdn> and started over retrying every combination I could come up with in the fields but I keep getting a 403 error.

In the documentation there’s only a[n incomplete] guide of how to connect the system itself to AD but not how to authenticate users to AD via User Manager

I tried using an XMPP client as well, still can’t log in. Digging though the settings I found the SIP alias, it looked like it’s function is more about association of a username rather than authentication but I still added it, tried again and nothing.

How are extensions created for directory user? Is it possible at all??

Thanks !

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