How to embedded Direct Dial Options on IVR into Announcement

Hi all,
I want caller can call direct extension when they call into a Announcement ,in web gui not see box choice “Direct Dial Options” as in IVR web gui,how can i insert it into Announcement web gui of freepbx.Thanks all.
My system
asterisk 1.6
freepbx 2.8
Announcement module 2.8

like Bill said - leave your IVR blank except for a t option, t is for timeout, type t in one of the boxes at the bottom and select the destination Q, set the Timeout number at the top to a low number like 1 or 2 seconds.

Announcements are just that…an announcement. You can accomplish what you want using an IVR. Just don’t put any options except the “t” option in the list.


Thanks for reply,
In IVR the caller must push some number that we config in IVR
But i want when the caller from inbound route -> Announcements -> queues.
So that the caller don’t need do anything.And i want the caller can call direct extension .

Thanks for all.