How to edit version file for custom firmware

I’m able to use and upload custom firmware with the Endpoint Manger no problem.

However when I edit the version file using vi or other so I can know what firmware has been uploaded to this slot, I cannot see it in the GUI.
When I navigate to Settings->Endpoint Manager->Firmware Management->Brand (Yealink) I still see the original information of the version folder :

I checked again to make sure using cat version and this is what the file contains :
[[email protected] 1]# cat version.

The permissions seem correct to me :
[[email protected] 1]# ls -l
total 4
-rwxr-xr-x 1 asterisk asterisk 32 Jan 30 10:50 version

Does anyone know how to edit the version file and have this appear in the GUI so we can easily know what firmware is currently uploaded ?

Try any version other than 0.00

Directions for custom firmware are here:

You don’t edit any files.

I posted a feature request issue on this a year ago.

As the version file could be overwritten by FreePBX, can you not just create your own file with whatever content you need? Or am I missing something here?

Basically, when I use custom firmware, I want to make a list that EPM will show me what firmware I have setup. Just like how the regular firmware is shown.

Sure it is manual, it so is the entire custom firmware process. Doesn’t have to be the version file. But since it is named that…

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Yes, I can create my own file and overwrite it. But it will not show up in the GUI.
I also tried editing the original file in case that was the issue.
None seem to work

The point is so a tech doesn’t have to log into the linux to read the file to know what firmware is currently being used. We would to simply view this file form the GUI.

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Now I understand the request. Little slow today, blame it on #TequilaFriday.


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