How to edit or delete a voice record in Freepbx 13 webgui


Please help me. In Webgui I can not edit or delete a voice record in System recordings. The delete and edit buttons are not present at the voice records on the page.

Thanks in advance.


The supplied system recordings? Not from the GUI.

I would like to change (edit) ) or delete our own recordings in GUI. We recorded these voice files und uploaded in Webgui at Elastix Asterix long time ago and just converted Asterisk to Freepbx 13 but now there is a need to change them.

IIRC, the system deliberately tries to keep you from doing that.

The simplest solution is to overwrite them as a new recording.

The harder solution is to log into the console as ‘root’ and use 'find / -name ‘name_of_recording*’". The single quotes are required. The double quotes are not. After that, you can find them , download them, edit them, recording and upload them, etc.

I can not edit it on Webgui of freepbx so as to change the voice record.

. I attached the screenshot to the email.


try using other browser.

You’ve been told that already. I’m not sure what new information you are presenting here.

Once a recording is loaded into the server, the server deliberately prevents you from modifying or deleting the file.

One more time: You can’t do what you are trying to do through the GUI.

If you think this is a deficiency, you need to file a Feature Request to get that added to the system.

See the red banner? it says that you’ll have to install a sound language, before going further… do that.

Is it a free of charge to install and use it? In the banner that was not clearly declared whether it’s free or not.

FreePBX does not have ONE paid dependency package or module that is required to install in order to run…

Thanks. That was the solution. Now I can see the edit and delete buttons beside the Voice records.


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