How to downgrade freePBX (Mma)

How can I downgrade FreePBX to previous versions? I have another topic open on an issue I am having where updates have broken communications with my ATA. I want to go backwards to find out what upgrade broke it. I typically update twice a month and 3 days ago I did an update and I am having a huge problem with audio quality on my Grandstream ATA’s. I dont know exactly what version was there before for all the modules so I want to go back about a month in freepbx updates. I know how to downgrade Asterisk (yum downgrade asterisk*) but nothing listed in module admin appears to be changing.

To downgrade yum packages you’d use the standard yum downgrade commands.

To downgrade modules, you can use

fwconsole ma downloadinstall <module name> --tag=<version>

With that being said, I am not aware of any version of FreePBX or Asterisk that would cause “broken communication”

Thanks, already aware of the yum downgrade but I was looking for a similar ability to do a version downgrade for everything to a specific release? For example you can do yum downgreade asterick* and it goes down 1 version. Wanted to do that with modules.

Ultimately I solved the issue with my ATA’s, switching to pjsip has solved the issue. I have another post on this whole process of testing various versions of firmware and freepbx, I could get this distortion down to about 3-4 seconds per minute but could not eliminate it. Switching to pjsip seems to have eliminated the issue all together.

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