How to do CDR's for Asterisk FreePBX

Hello again!

Thanks all for help me all the time with asterisk. But i have next problem to solve. How can i do CDR for asterisk extensions?
I want use MySQL base for use it. If i do “show database” and later “use asteriskcdrdb” and “select * from cdr;” i’m see “Empty set (0,00 sec)”

How can i do CDR’s guys? Can somebody tell my step by step how to do it?

Regards fro good people!

PS: Sorry for my English :<

What system (versions) are you using?
When you install FreePBX, browse over to reports, select CDR reports then filter for what you wish to report. If you wish to extract all fields you can choose to download a CSV. If you insist on getting it from the database, helpers need to know version of FreePBX and Asterisk that you’re on.