How to do Abbreviated Dialing?


I have little problem. I dont know how can i do Abbreviated Dialing on freepbx. I want do Transfer between two phones, but i have long extansion numbers like 48616407123 and for transfer at this moment i can use only full number and it’s so tiring. I know that if i have extension like 123456 i can use it on faster transfer but my asterisk is working for big corp and i can’t use short numb. Can i do from number 48616407123 fast transfer to 123??

Sorry for m English.

And please for your answers and help.

Try putting your short extension number in the in the Sip Alias field of the extension setup page.


and it’s will be working? That’s all? I think that SIP alias is something to other function. But thx i wll check it now.