How to disable the delete button in the Call Recordings Report

I have a few customers that have ask to disable the delete button in the Cal Recordings Report. The only thing I have been able to find is on the 12 or earlier version. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Just checking again if anyone has had experience with this?

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IIRC, the Call Recordings Report is Open Source. I think you could comment out the button yourself.

CR Reports is not open source. AFAIK there never was a feature to disable delete, but ver 12 was 4 years ago now and memories are fuzzy. Feature requests for commercial products can be filed using instructions here:

On 12 it might have still been open explaining why there was information on how to turn the flag off and on by commenting in the following file. However I cannot find this file in 13.


Do you think it would be possible by changing the permissions of that folder?

Well I was over looking the obvious. If reviewing the recordings through the CDR it does not appear to give the option to delete it.

This would still be a good option, per user to have for the commercial Call Recording Reporter.

Thanks for the replies.

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