How to disable "Potential Security Breach" page?

I like to keep a bunch of FreePBX pages open in my browser; sometimes when I return to one of those pages, the page is replaced with:

Potential Security Breach
You are attempting to modify settings from a URL that does not appear to have come from a FreePBX page link or button. This can occur if you manually typed in the URL below. This action has been blocked because the HTTP_REFERER does not match your current SERVER. If you require this access, you can set Check Server Referrer=false in Advanced Settings to disable this security check

The suspect URL is listed below. If this action is intended, you can click this link and your action will be processed. Do not proceed with this if you did not intended to execute this command as it may result in changes to your configuration.

Is there a way to disable this? Refreshing the page doesn’t work and I have to navigate back to where I was.

Because you’re using a back button to a form or something that is submitting data to the server and that data is still held in the cache. Plus using the back button kills the use of any referral references such as “this page should only be accessed if it was referred from itself (or this domain)”.

So you’re triggering a security check that is catching this because it looks like an outside request to submit data to the server.

Mr. Ray, yes, I understand it is a security check. But I want to use the back button instead of the 3 or more clicks to get back. Is there a way to whitelist my computer’s ip somewhere so it doesn’t have to be checked?

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