How to disable "Mark Answered Elsewhere"


I have a freepbx setup with 2 IP phones (Grandstream GRP2616) in my office. Both extensions are members of a ring group with “ring all” setting.I want to get a “missed call” when the other extension is picking up an incoming call.

I have tried setting “Mark Answered Elsewhere” to “No”, but its not working. I also tried Queues instead of ring group (again with “Mark Answered Elsewhere” disabled), but its not working either.

I have spend more than 4 days searching all over the forum, but I cant find any solution on this. Does anybody has any idea how to fix this?


Have you tried other phones? It could well be that it doesn’t work with Grandstream (anymore). It could also be related to the firmware version of the phones.

Yes, I have tried different phones and different firmwares on each as well. I believe that the code “200” (mark answered) is transfered from pbx to all extensions no matter what setting you have.

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