How to disable FreePBX 13 from automatically starting

I need to manually run some commands before FreePBX starts (and they can’t be automated). It’s important FreePBX not start until I run these commands.

I disabled the ‘fwconsoel start’ command from rc.local but even after reboot I see FreePBX running, Asterisk started, etc. From the ps command I see a php commandline with fwconsole start

Can you tell me how to disabled FreePBX / prevent startup? I know how to start with ‘fwconsole start’.

You would have to better describe your system, linux startup depends on your distro, so sysv can do that for you in the old fashioned way, but if you have systemd, that can be much more elegant.

My system runs CentOS 6.x with SysV style init scripts (no systemd). I don’t see ANY init scripts relating do FreePBX but I found an ‘fwconsole start’ command in rc.local

I commented out the fwconsole start in rc.local and rebooted, but fwconsole is still starting. Using ‘ps’ I found that ‘fwconsole start’ is being executed by PHP. So something in the FreePBX code is starting fwconsole.

That’s what I need help disabling…I just can’t figure out where/how to do that.

You need to make sure that asterisk itself is not started by your init scripts.

But you could equally replace fwconsole start with fwconsole stop in your rc.local

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