How To Disable ChanSpy?

How can I disable the chanspy feature?
Can this be done from the webinterface?

Alternately, is there a way the ChanSpy feature can be “locked” behind a pin code?

Thank you.

Yes, Admin > Feature Codes. Disable the feature codes you want. (If you don’t see it, enable to display all feature codes in advanced settings)

I am not aware of a way to do it from the GUI, but you can write your own dialplan which will require a PIN.

You can use the Authenticate() application to ask for a PIN

Also, Lorne wrote this ChanSpy dialplan:


Thank you! Very useful this information!

I’ll see if I can setup the script.

If you run into problems with it, Lorne and I did some troubleshooting with it and we made a few changes to have it do some other useful stuff. Out of the box, it should get you close to where you want to go.

Is the changes available somewhere? :slight_smile:

I was never able to get chanspy to work on my install, don’t know why.

The changes we made we pretty specific to my SCCP installation. The first was changing the script so that the channel type was stored in a variable. The second was changing the line that actually picks up the phone so that it would hang up the chan-spy session when the call was completed (allowing the next call to get picked up so the user could monitor an extension for a long period).

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