How to Dial from 1 Asterisk Box Through another asterisk box to the out side world.. See below

I have 1 asterisk box at a remote location and i have a 2nd box here at my house on a priviate IP network… I have a SIP trunk configured between both of them so we can dial extensions back and forth. I want to be able to " DIAL OUT" from the extensions from the remote asterisk box and use the VOIP providers i have in my 2nd Asterisk box… I think i am saying that right… Basically i want to be able to dial from asterisk box 1 through asterisk box 2 and then to the outside world… Is that bossible?

Build a trunk from box 1 to box 2 and setup your outbound routes to allow box 1 to access the trunks.

It’s that simple.

I ahve a trunk from 1 box to another but i can’t figure out how to get box one to dial through box 2 to the outside world… I can get box 1 extensions to dial box 2 but just not the outside world…

The trunk on the gateway box will have to have a context that allows access to your outbound routes, from-internal is a good start, but this might allow more than you consider safe. thus for example 1nxxnxxxxxx that hits that trunk will go to your outbound route if you so set that up.

Not sure what your issue is, on box one set you outbound route for outside calls to a destination of box 2. On box 2 make an outbound route matching the pattern sent from box 1 and send it out whatever route you want to use. Make sure you use the from-internal context on both peers sp traffic from box 1 is considered trusted.