How to dial a Ring Group from outside the system

I setup an emergency Ring Group (999) so that any remote agent can dial 999 to reach a manager. It works perfectly so long as you dial it from within Asterisk/FreePBX system.

BUT if a remote Agent’s phone is down and they need to dial the Ring Group from their cell phone, i.e. outside the phone system, how can the Agent dial into the phone system via the company number and dial the Ring Group from outside the FreePBX?

A ring group is a Destination. Any way they’re getting in, they can get to a ring group. Just select Ring Group from the dropdown when you’re picking a call path.

PERFECT - yep, you solved it. THANKS

999 is the UK emergency number, equivalent to 911, etc. - as such, it just feels “wrong” to be using it in the manner described. On my setup, I have an Emergency outbound route that catches 999, 911 and 112 (emergency services numbers for UK, USA and most of Europe, respectively) - somebody in a panic situation may dial the emergency number they are most familiar with.

Uh, I agree with Jeremy. In Croatia we have 112 for Emergency service, so I’m restricting myself to use 112 for extension number. Even some regulatory auditing inspections are testing outbound route for emergency service prior to extending permissions to open company for business…