How to determine the PSTN line status? is this SLA?


our assistant have cisco spa514g phone.
with a module for BLF buttons

we use freepbx with 4 PSTN lines.

Basically, All i want to do is to get this lines status if they are busy or free.

how to do that? I want to have 4 buttons 1 for each line, is such thing possible?

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Monitoring a DAHDI channel is easy with a BLF, provided you don’t want the button to do anything when pressed. In the file /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf add lines like these in the existng [from-internal-custom] section:

exten=> *00001,hint,DAHDI/1
exten=> *00002,hint,DAHDI/2
exten=> *00003,hint,DAHDI/3
exten=> *00004,hint,DAHDI/4

Reload the dialplan, then program a BLF on your phone with the code “*00001” (no quotes) and the BLF will illuminate whenever DAHDI channel 1 is inuse.

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Would it be possible to have the BLF buttons indicate PRI status fro a DHADI card? i.e., green OK, red Alarm?