How to delete voicemails


We get voicemails attached to an email , how can we delete voicemail, stored on the freepbx system, when we delete that email?


Applications -> Extensions -> Voicemail

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Thanks for reply, John. This will send voicemail to the email server and will delete it on freepbx system.
I want to be able to have a copy on freepbx system and send it to user’s email address. So,user have option to check it from UCP and phone and email. when he deletes vm from email server , that voicemail will be deleted from freepbx and he does not see that in UCP or on the phone after that.

I doubt there is any way to do this. You will need to write your e-mail client app to somehow notify the server that the original file needs to be deleted. Even then, I don’t think there’s an ARI/AMI interface that will delete the original e-mail file, so you are going to have to write a server app that deletes the files when the email client app tells them to.

That’s a lot of coding and many opportunities to delete the wrong stuff to solve this.

If no one tells the PBX to delete it, it won’t delete itself… Same as you understand that a service ticket won’t close if you delete the email in your phone.
As Dave said, you can write some custom scripts which will execute something when you delete an email.

This is interesting, does this really work?

Yes it really works, at least, last time i did it it did, I am not sure if FreePBX will be totally happy with the changes though.

The reason I no longer use it that maintaining an imap server that ALL your clients will ultimately have accounts on is a royal PITA , i works very well in a campus or corporate type deployment where you know the mail administrator (perhaps yourself) , but you will need to budget a lot more “maintenance time” in the real world.

@gitim if you’ll do this, please share the results. Ty

I did not get a change to check it

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