How to delete disabled modules

So I’ve downloaded and installed the latest dist of AsteriskNow and I’m happy to say after only one day I’ve got it all running. Not bad for a sophmore.

Here’s an annoyance… my dashboard says that I have critical errors and when I look further the “Critical Error” is just that some modules have not been upgraded.

So, first of all, what gives with that? It’s the latest dist and I waited for twenty minutes after install while it “updated the modules” how come it still has a bunch that aren’t updated?

Next question - how do I get rid of them? They are all disabled and my box runs fine without them so they certainly aren’t “Critical” yet I can’t delete them unless I do the upgrade - It feels like Sangomas way of holding me hostage and forcing me to accept their updates even though I don’t need them - How childish!

I’m certainly not running update again, the last time it screwed up the system and that’s why I had to reload the new disto. I don’t think I’ll ever trust an update or upgrade script from freepbx again LOL.

Do I just live with five disables commercial modules and a “critical error” box on my dashboard or can I edit a table in the database and remove them?

Is anyone else dismayed by this little trick?


You can delete modules you don’t need or use with fwconsole from bash,

fwconsole moduleadmin list

will show what you have and in what state they are

fwconsole moduleadmin delete xxxx

will delete , i.e. completely remove module xxxx from your system, any problems should be apparent as you follow that process,when done, finish off with

fwconsole reload

Very cool Dicko!

Thank You very much I now have no more errors!


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